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Shelves for Lyophilization Hi-tec

TEC-SIM, continuously researching a constructive evolution in the equipment and in the shelves for freeze drying, in base to a over 25 years long experience, has now deposited a patent:

the shelf for lyophilization “HI-TEC”!

The project has been designed by means of the best techniques of calculation with FEM analysis, then manufactured according with the most advanced technologies of last generation.
Technology, Quality, Safety, Economy and Innovation are the right words to represent this new product!

Technology: to realize this product, we studied in detail all different phases of construction, used materials and techniques are optimized for obtaining the best performance in manufacturing procedure and timetable.

Quality: as we are used to, the quality of the product result to be the mark that distinguish a TEC-SIM product.
Quality either in finishing or in the activity management: as with a signature, the shelves are provided with a serial number to warrantee the perfect traceability of all their parts and all their manufacturing phases.

Safety: inspection on base material and during manufacturing phases, the tests, examinations and inspections to which the shelves are subjected, warrantee the reliability of the product.

Economy: the most innovative manufacturing techniques, computerised manufacturing phases, our determination to keep up with the continuously evolving global market, these are the elements which allow the shelves for lyophilization “HI-TEC” to be an innovative product also in the price.

Innovation: in 20% of useful area of the other shelves, heat exchanging is done by conduction because of the mass of the internal supports, and consequently the homogeneity is limited. With our “HI-TEC” shelf 100% of useful area is cooled by convection, as a guaranty of total uniformity.