Tec-Sim Sr.l. is a company grown out of design and manufacturing experience of stainless steel equipment in the Lyophilization, Sterilization and Fine Chemical fields, since more than 25 years.

As manufacturer of quality pressure vessel (e.g.: reactor, column, heat exchangers, condenser, etc.) we designed hundreds plants for Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetical, Chemical, Petrochemical and Food application.

The material we use is stainless steel (i.e.: 304 class, 316 class, 321, etc.) and special steel alloy (i.e.: hastelloy, duplex, inconel, etc.).

Our Vessels are mechanically designed according to Customer requirements and conforming with main Codes and Standards used all around the world (e.g.: ASME, PED, SELO, SVTI, etc.) and they are finally inspected and certified by Worldwide Notified Bodies in order to ensure the maximum safety on Customer plants.

We substitute the old concept of “supplier” with collaborator, where the continuous satisfaction of the Customer found solid basis for a long term business relationship, which has been developing since the first contact, following during designing and manufacturing, up to post sales assistance in order to ensure our total support to Customer’s requirements.

Tec-Sim embody policies of avant-garde, technological & managerial research and progressive ideas: these are the fundamental ingredients to support competitively our Customer in a market in continuous evolution, where the maximum quality is required at the right price.